"Jesus' Prime Directive"

Sermon Preached By Rev. Richard E. Stetler - 5/28/2000

I John 5:1-5; John 15:9-17

     A little over a year ago a commercial appeared on television that featured a female model with incredibly beautiful hair. It looked soft and shiny. No matter how the model turned her head, her hair seemed to have a memory which allowed it to fall back into perfect shape. With a beautiful smile, she asked the viewing audience, "Do you know how I get my hair to look like this?" Just when you thought she was going to introduce some hair product, the camera backed away revealing a group of five people who said, "We did it."

     The people introduced themselves as the behind-the-scene make-up artists who work as a team to get models, actors and actresses to look the way they do before they appear on television. They are the professional beauty specialists. Their advertising line was, "Our product is the one that most professionals use in helping others to look their best."