The Nature Of Reality

  1. Our understanding of reality is relative and dependent on how informed the person is who is making the analysis of what is real.  For example: Yesterday: demons; today: epilepsy.  Yesterday: a sign from God; today: a solar eclipse.  Yesterday: the earth was the center of the universe; today: the earth is a tiny speck in one galaxy among many.  Yesterday: sins produced illness; today: germs and viruses contribute to ill health.  As humans evolve in their thinking and become willing to leave traditional frames of reference behind, their understanding of reality changes.   This process of evolution is present in every realm of thought.  Religious thinking, however, appears to be the most resistant to change.

  2. Understanding Spirituality greatly increases a person's awareness concerning the meaning of encountered events.   For example: All events are neutral until each person assigns a meaning to them.  In supplying the meaning, we reveal our values and not the content or quality of the event crossing our path.  Changing how we think will change the event’s meaning and impact.  For example, "Our 16 year old son was killed!"  Among our numerous choices are these: "We are so grateful we had him for 16 years."  OR, "How could God allow such a thing to happen when hardened criminals roam freely?"  Which response represents reality?  They both do. Is one reality more enhancing to the quality of our energy, life and purpose than the other?  The answer is obvious.

  3. What comes up for people is their highly personalized curriculum.  When we allow the focus of our perception to stop at what offends us, we miss the value or virtue being invited to surface within us.  For example, if we never express patience, that quality will remain dormant.  If we engage in deception and manipulation, our innate qualities of honesty and integrity will remain undeveloped.  If we remain self-absorbed, loving others with a consistent energy pattern will be impossible to achieve.  Who controls our reality?  Our understanding of reality is not genetic or environmental; we create it by our interpretation of everything we encounter.

  4. The physical environment we perceive through our senses is a world very different from the spirit realm God created.  For example: Trying to communicate this difference would be like the dragonfly trying to describe its new environment to its former friends who still dwell as water bugs living on the bottom of a pond.  After our  transformation from the physical realm, absolutely nothing equates to existence, as we once knew it.  Nothing material exists in the realm of spirit. When we transition from our solid forms, the reality we used to sharpen our creative skills will vaporize as though it never existed.  The physical world will have served its purpose -- its many illusions gave us choices that produced either our evolution or delay.  We come from and return to a non-material reality that knows only evolution of spirit as its ultimate goal.

  5. What really matters in life is up to us.  When we do not awaken to the tasks for which we prepared ourselves prior to our entry into solid form, we play the game according to the rules established by our respective societies.  Is this last statement reality or speculation?  This is a matter each must decide.  What is not true will not serve the purpose of spiritual evolution.  For example, the world has produced many pharaohs, Caesars and billionaire moguls, but only a few people like Socrates, Siddhartha, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad.  Jesus once taught, "What good does it do for a person to inherit the entire world if that person loses his or her soul." We cannot lose our soul; we can only miss remembering the orientation, purpose and goals for being born.  The power that is highly prized in this world has absolutely nothing in common with the power necessary to navigate in the realm of spirit.

  6. The exterior world feels antagonistic to us, i.e., we experience competition, the need to succeed, finding the right mate, having to deal with enemies, poverty, disease, etc.  BUT, all situations have the power to strengthen us.  To evolve, our interpretation of reality must communicate this message to us again and again.  For example, being a victim is a decision others or we make about an experienced result area.  If we sabotage our mission, i.e., the reason we entered into solid form, we will only delay achieving our function.  Absolutely no harm is done when we do this. Everyone evolves at a different pace.  We are not eternally punished for ignorance, as some suppose.  There would be no point for a parent to punish a child for engaging in behavior when that child never understood that there were many other creative alternatives available.

  7. Regarding God’s reality, there is no divine punishment.  Punitive measures teach by fear or destroy the ignorant simply because they could not discover and follow through on the correct path.  When God engages in what we would call “tough love,” that merely means that God allows us to experience the consequences of our thoughts, emotions and the resulting attitudes.  When human beings are ready for the adventure that life offers them, they will reach out with both hands to the prospect of fulfilling their own divine destiny.  The motivation to reach and stretch will always hinge on each person’s perception of reality.

  8. There is an ultimate reality.  From the human perspective, this level of consciousness is not possible to achieve. Even highly evolved archangels cannot grasp the infinite.  The spirit realm is vast.  The human adventure in our limited solid forms eventually transitions into an individual purpose-driven energy pattern.  There are no exceptions. Everyone experiences this process, a process that is not dependent on our thoughts or beliefs.  Life continues in a realm that contains symbols for which there are no physical frames of reference.  If a highly evolved being were to stand in our midst, it could only communicate about qualities of energy and levels of understanding that are possible to achieve in this world.  Specific information about the realm where that being dwells is beyond what we could comprehend – like the butterfly describing the powers of flight to a caterpillar.  It takes faith and trust to base our lives on a reality we cannot know.  It is faith that makes the adventure what it is. 

  9. If such an evolved being spoke to us, no doubt it would say, “Develop the qualities that will be useful to you and healing to others wherever you find yourselves.  No being created by God needs validation, assurance, appreciation or hope.  These are elements of experience that appear to be needed by those who fear and who know nothing of their authentic identities.  If you knew who you were, the adventure would not be as challenging or as exciting.  When you learn how to be at peace in the physical world, you will know how to be at peace in any realm.  God is never to be feared. God’s will is that we remember to use our loving energy to create.