“Forgiveness Is No Small Matter”

     Presenter: Dick Stetler – June 2021

    One of the most intriguing dilemmas faced by people is understanding forgiveness.  Most people love knowing that God forgives us for every error and lack of good judgment that we experience. Why would our Creator grant such spiritual freedom to people to live in whatever manner they choose? God literally gives us a free pass.  No one is held accountable for their behavior or attitudes. How can this be?

     What is equally intriguing is that people find it near impossible to forgive everyone. People often mouth the words but hold on to the hurt. If God can do it, what is the problem with people giving the same response?  Would societies come unglued if everyone was free to do whatever they wished?   Do all of us really get a free pass?  Yes, even those who trigger what many believe is the end of time. 

    God does not have human emotions.  God is never offended by human activities.  This happens because each of us has chosen to come here to display where we are on the ladder of spiritual maturity.  If God held the rule of accountability over our heads, fear of condemnation would be our guide, not our desire to forgive everyone every time.  God is not on trial here, we are.

    The person who can forgive everyone every time is allowing others to be who and whatever their choices are creating.  We are all on trial here. When love is the supreme energy by which we live, we accelerate our evolution by revealing to the universe where we are. When we insist on being the judge and jury of another’s behavior and attitudes, we are displaying the same thing.  God is not involved with the growth patterns of angels that have chosen to be here to see how they do while in their limited, physical forms. 

    The issue facing all of humanity is that very few people have figured out what life here can teach them.  Just what is fair and unfair while living in a temporary illusionary world that in reality does not exist except in our minds? To most people this world is all that they believe in.  That is perfectly normal.

    For the few who have deciphered the code of the meaning of life, very little destroys their peace.  Some get involved in society while others become Jeremiah Johnsons and go on a solitary journey of being alone away from the craziness found in the world. The task of people is neither, but to exhibit the attitudes that can point out to others where the gift of happiness and peace can be found. 

    The Heaven that people hope to inherit is already here.  They do not know how to live in it where they can consistently manifest loving qualities. Everything we have the potential to be is within us. Such qualities may remain hidden because of our lack of desire to use them.

    When teachers of spirit guide us to find God within ourselves, they speak from a vision few others can see. The only way to test the authenticity of their vision is to practice such qualities in the face of the lack of justice that has always been a part of the created order.  Yes, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  Is that fair?  Living with such a social reality has always been with us. People get rewarded by building a better mouse trap.

    People like Siddhartha and Jesus get rewarded in another way. They sing and dance as they continue their journey. Each of us decides the path we wish to take, material or spiritual.  We can only use the latter path when we leave our physical forms.  Most of us have settled somewhere between the two realities.

    It seems as though we must shed our human nature to achieve the perfection that many insist will please God.  We are not here to please God; rather, we are here to allow our angelic spirit to bleed through our physical forms.  It appears that the best we can do, given our animal spirits, is to become extremely thoughtful before we act, before we use our communication skills, and before we forget the reality that not everyone is living on the same level of awareness. 

    Our goal is never to be offended when someone is displaying who they are.  When we surrender our spirits to others who are still in spiritual kindergarten, we are allowing other children to control our behavior and attitudes.  We need to understand what it means to be an angel in the flesh if we embark on a journey of never being offended in the least by what others are becoming. 

    No one would spank an infant for pooping in its diaper.  Why?  The answer is that the infant has not yet been trained. Is this not the same response for an infant living in an adult uniform?  Absolutely! Can we do it?  Can we connect the dots by realizing who we are dealing with?  It takes effort because the adult uniform fools us. Many older forms have not yet left kindergarten but the few who have grown beyond this level recognize what they are seeing. 

    We have to focus our energies in order to experience instant forgiveness as our primary response replacing anger and contempt. The quality of our life depends on our remaining a student who is still learning how to respond with our loving energy at every provocation. Realizing this reality about ourselves prevents us from believing that we are superior to others because we have a doctor’s degree in the course of angelic studies. High achievers often need a dose of humility. 

     Realizing that we are in between a world of countless distractions and a world full of a smorgasbord of spiritual attributes, we are enjoying our journey of being here.  Many people who have learned to express their skills of being successful in the world of matter, have not yet started their journey. 

    Franz Liszt (1811-1886) began giving piano concerts by the age of 9.  He played for the privileged and cultured citizens in concert halls throughout Europe. After many of his concerts, he had members of his staff take his piano outside in order to perform the same concert for people who could not afford to attend the one inside the concert hall. 

    Liszt rose to become the world's first rock star.  From an early age his piano playing was as much about virtuosity as it was a conveyance of his joy, generous spirit, and love of piano music. His strong spirit was at the core of his motivation that propelled him to perfect his craft. His critics could never offend him.  He met them with steady results even though he knew that popularity and financial success were often fleeting qualities of life.  Like Liszt, every individual has a treasure that is uniquely theirs that they can share with others by a spirit that is quite as attractive as it is contagious. 

    With this said, billions of people allow their treasure to remain buried and undiscovered until their deaths. The ever-vigilant Creator allows each person to return as whole as when they departed for their brief adventure in a different form. Each will have to decide if they are ready with energy that was filled with the creative, unselfish powers to become a true Master?