Our Relationship To Our Spiritual Identity

     Very few human beings are trained to manifest their
angelic qualities, i.e., their accumulated, innate abilities and skills that were developed in the reality from whence they came.  If children are exposed to spiritual teachings at all, more than likely their orientation comes in the form of “must have” beliefs, biblical stories, teachings of Jesus, disciplines and religious observances.  Almost always these are particular to the customs, traditions and religious heritage of the family and culture of their social group.  It is not uncommon, for example, to find a loving person living in Tibet who never heard of a man named, Jesus.  Such people have learned skills for creative living from their own heritage.  In our culture, rather than being taught an appreciation for how they have come into the world equipped with highly specialize and unique abilities, children are frequently trained by the Church to believe that they need to accept specific beliefs or be damned for all eternity.

     To escape such indoctrination by those of authority in the Church, people of all ages must learn to transcend such labels and realize that their mistakes in judgments and failures are an acceptable part of every learning experience.   Confusion may arise when people are presented with an understanding of God they cannot accept and of truth described in biblical stories that are prescribed as required curriculum.  To abandon and/or modify such pre-packaged guidance often produces guilt in believers who desire to remain faithful.  Some individuals may live up to the Church’s labels of them because they no longer look to the Church as the authority in spiritual matters.  Their decision is validated by how splintered the Church’s message is as its expression passes through filters of countless denominations.  Jesus knew that our angelic qualities were a non-negotiable, prepackaged quality within every human being when he taught, “the Kingdom of God is within you.”  He also knew that most of his listeners had amnesia, i.e., they had not yet awakened.  They continued to look to their external world for comfort, hope and acceptance by God.

     Angelic qualities we bring to the earth: While Paul does not exhaust the list of such qualities by any means; he provided a listing of timeless, loving forms of expressing energy in his letter to the Galatians.  He wrote, “Spirit produces love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility and self control.  There are no laws against such as these.”  We could have added others such as forgiveness, mercy and generosity.  These and numerous other qualities form the core of our spiritual identity.  Such energetic expressions manifest once we are aware we have such abilities within us.  The game is to bring visibility to these qualities while living in a world filled with voices and values that may not reward such expressions.  Such rewards suggest how the material world defines and values being first.  Jesus reminded his listeners that the “first” will be “last,” illustrating the paradox experienced when we come from a world of spirit into one of material forms.  The illusion is that we must live in a particular environment, own certain objects or achieve specific goals in order to experience completeness or wholeness.

     Being antimatter in a world comprised of material forms: The values of our physical world frequently are in direct opposition to the unknown values with which we arrived.  Compare the compensation of the President of the United States with the salary of nearly every professional athlete.  Compare the amounts of money spent on parenting books with that spent on extremely violent video games.  Compare our elaborately appointed worship centers when Jesus had no place to lay his head.  Being in the world yet not of the world is the challenge.

     The task of awakening: Not only must we transcend layer upon layer of personal, social and religious conditioning, but we have added to those layers a message from the Church that we are lost and in need of repentance.  In truth many of us are lost, but not in the eternal sense.  We are infinite beings who are never in danger of eternal separation from our Creator.  Such a condition of separation is absolutely impossible.  However, because such an illusion is present, fear clouds many of our thought patterns.  Each person who enters the earth environment must experience an awakening (or reorientation) before they begin their journey toward accomplishing their purpose for coming.  For various reasons, most people do not awaken.  They spend their time assuming that what their senses reveal is real.  Their perceptions are real but only within the framework providing the perfect environment for learning.  Pilots learn many of their skills from being in simulators, so do infant creators like us who come here eager to test our creative genius.  The price of admission is amnesia concerning the power and grandeur within our seed.  Our treasure remains buried until we use it during acts of authentic creation.

     The purpose of the earth matrix: Our spirits may be as spatially large as our galaxy however, we have incarnated in what is equivalent to a grain of rice.  We want to know how successful we will be in creating with our thoughts and feelings when confronted with illusions inspired by our fears, needs, desires, hopes and dreams.  Such perceptions appear real in order to evoke our creativity.  This is why, even after our awakening, faith is required to confront and pass through perceived barriers.  Every dead end is only a bend in the road.  For example, Jesus being nailed to a cross was extremely real for him, but no nails ever pierced the spirit that lived within his physical form.   Could he still express loving energy when his physical senses perceived abandonment, pain, injustice, evil, aloneness, nonsense and chaos while he experienced his life force ebbing from his form?  Yes, he could and did.  He was teaching those who observed how to overcome the world and it values.  Most witnesses to his death, however, created an interpretation of the event that completely missed the narrow way that Jesus said leads to life.

     What is the goal? Those of us who create well at small things learn to create well when we assume larger responsibilities.  Our consciousness will be the judge of our abilities because we dwell in an infinite continuum where no deception is possible.  Our choices are either to stay around the bottom of the mountain or climb what is infinite.   There is no limit to what we can learn and create.  The more information we uncover about Reality the more we will learn that we are infant creators who are in search of greater levels of awareness and skill.  Right now, this is our task.  What awaits us after our transition from these forms is well beyond our current ability to comprehend.