What Is Truth?

     When Jesus was asked this question by Pontius Pilate, it was reflective of the consciousness of most thinking people.  For individuals who maintain the dogma of their respective belief systems, truth is discernable, fixed and trustworthy.

     If it were not for the trustworthiness of discernable truth, aircraft would not fly, composites would not be more durable than metallic materials and forgiveness would not free the spirit from the emotional imprisonment experienced by people who nurture old grievances.

     Truth regarding the power of spirit is discernable and will produce the same result in people who have learned to harness it.  For example, people who live everyday with a profound sense of gratitude will not concentrate on the fly in the ointment, small failures or become obsessed by what they do not have.  People who have developed a sense of humor will not take themselves so seriously that they lose their flexibility and emotional agility. People who do not judge others will seldom perceive themselves as being victimized by them.

     Truth is only a fixed reality, however, at the level it is perceived and used.  With this said Truth in its larger sense, is a constant expanding continuum.  For example, in the material world, genetically growing new arms and legs will happen.  Powering our homes with wireless technology will happen.  Powering our cars with fuels that are plentiful and inexpensive will happen.  The development of androids governed by artificial intelligence will happen.   Eradicating many forms of cancer and dementia will happen.

     In essence, if we can dream of it, we can discern the necessary principles that will enable humanity to create it.   We are creators.  In fact, if one were to list all the inventions since the creation of the wheel, 92 percent of them have come into existence during the last 20 years.  Humanity, independent of its beliefs, has remained faithful to taking charge of the material world.  We have created vast new wealth and have built highly networked societies as we continue to push back the horizons of what is known.

     Truth is as expansive a universe as the mind can conceive.  Truth defines itself by what is, what is dawning and what is not yet known.  Truth is a floating reality that surrounds us.  To the curious probing human mind, the doorway to everything imaginable stands ready to be opened.

     Truth is also extremely dangerous when it is given to people who are emotionally and spiritually immature.  For example, the Manhattan Project led to the creation of the nuclear technology that incinerated two Japanese cities during World War II.  Julian and Ethel Rosenberg stole the technology and sold it to the Russians.  The possibility now exists for rogue organizations to use this power to vent their frustration and anger on unsuspecting populations.

     What is made visible in the material world mirrors the spirit of those who create as well as those who use.  For example, laboratories can create viruses for which humanity has no immunity.  Genetic engineering could create sub human life forms.  When the interface occurs between the human mind and machines, we could inherit ethical issues similar to those encountered in the movie, Total Recall.  As we develop more sophisticated computer software, others remain committed to creating viruses that will destroy such products.

     Harnessing the power of spirit in every generation has been the life long dream of the sages in every religion.  If teaching about humanity’s invisible world remains only under the purview of our religious communities, the world is in grave danger.  Just because the human mind can conceive and develop new technologies does not give us the license to proceed with its creation.  Religion is to inform societies -- not segregate believers from the rest of humanity.

     When our creations are inspired by what will improve our lives, humanity’s present moment will remain on the edge of a very productive future.  However, when energies surface within frustrated people that are grounded in their need for dominance and control, not only is human freedom in danger, but our physical life form could face extinction.

     The truth of our inner world is still held in suspension within us.  We need objective research and development to access the vast potentialities that lie within us.  Classical forms of music and architecture, for example, did not come from expanding what was known. Such genres were made visible by the creation of new forms inspired by humanity’s inner vision.

     God is not an external, material being living beyond the galaxies as some people imagine. God’s creative energy is invisibly available within our inner space.  What our senses tell us about our environment has enabled us to create countless forms in response to the needs we encounter.  In spite of those successes, our creations are made visible when our inner world wants more from life than what we were experiencing.

     Imagine what truth still lies dormant until the need arises to harness it.  Will we one day create matter from the energy of thought -- possibly the method used by God during the moment the universe was created?  Might we be able to traverse vast distances in the blink of an eye?  Yes, the truth is out there, but the truth also surrounds us as though waiting to be invited onto the stage of the human drama when we are ready to embrace it.