One of the major issues facing every human being on the planet is learning to understand how to deal with his or her emotions, intellect and spirit.  Do these aspects of life work well together or are they at odds with each other?   Whether or not we understand how these aspects of life work together, others in our midst will know.  How our inner, unseen elements of life work will be well known to our friends and acquaintances.  We are not good at hiding who we are.

     People communicate how they think, feel and believe every moment of their lives even though they may make claims to having no structured or organized system of beliefs.  In truth, every person has such a system in place on some level of his or her life.  People can experience joy and happiness beyond anything they imagined simply by being motivated every day to express themselves through patterns of loving energy.  Or, out of total ignorance that such abilities exist, they can exercise their energetic power in extremely primitive ways.

     For example, this past year several men doused their girlfriends with gasoline and struck a match.  These men watched as their former lovers became disfigured by the searing flames of the resulting fire.  What motivated these men to do this?  The women wanted out of their respective relationships, something their boyfriends could not control or handle emotionally.

     There are young people who stop their cars, get out and attack a random person who is walking home from school.  While they are kicking and punching their victims, another person is recording the episode on a digital camera for a YouTube presentation.

     There are the growing numbers of people associated with gangs.  Such groups represent a venue that provides young people with a sense of belonging.  There is structure and there is a behavior that allows participants to feel validated and rewarded – crime, violence, etc.

     Such responses to life are the result of a system of beliefs that create illusions that their world will get better for them by following the rules of their new religion established by their own acceptance of violence as a way of life.   Thus, rather than growing and expanding their consciousness, their system of beliefs makes them a distant cousin to predatory animals.  Actually, such behavior is an unrecognized form of a call for love.

     The world has an increasing number people who have used their power of choice to undermine their own spiritual evolution.  There is an opportunity present today to discover and use the powers of spirit that may not have been as accessible in former years.  During earlier periods of human history, only the wealthy had time to consider and contemplate the nature of the world of spirit.  The rest of humanity was extremely busy surviving.

     Today more people are eager to learn how they can evolve spiritually.  They want to polish their ability to create, to express their loving energy, to find ways to enhance humankind’s well being, to open doors to new industries, to explore the universe and to unravel the infinite number of mysteries that unfold with each new discovery.

     God has provided all people with free will and the power to choose how they create from what they experience.   Try thinking of our physical reality from a radical perspective.  Who we are and what we are designed to do, may be found in the following parable.

     Eons ago, a number of beings, i.e., souls, entities, or spirits that we refer to as angels, came to God and asked, “Teach us how to create as you do.”  God said, “Very well, I will create for you a physical form that is temporary.   You will enter that form and from it you may create anything you wish.  However, you will not be able to take with you any awareness of what you now understand and know.  You will have access to some of it, but only the most basic of themes.  When you eventually leave your physical forms, you will have the opportunity to review what you created and what motivated you to create as you did.  The spirit from which you brought certain forms into being during your sojourn will teach you unequivocally your level of skill at creating.”

     And the beings asked, “What are the risks? Could we damage ourselves by our choices?”  God answered, “No, you are what you are as I am what I am.  When you become self-aware while in your physical forms, you will sense that the elements of the world I will create for you are all illusions.  These illusions will create a series of episodes where responses from you will be required.  They can lull you to sleep or they can awaken a need to draw from your spiritual essence to create wherever your will chooses.  There are no risks.  You cannot damage yourselves.  However, what you reveal about yourselves will become known.”

     The beings said one to another, “This experiences sounds more exciting than anything we could possibly imagine! This will be a marvelous adventure.”  God responded, “Yes, the illusions will appear to be an authentic portrayal of reality.  They will become as real and vital as what you now experience.  You will believe that where you are and what you perceive yourselves to be are all that there is to your created order.

     Before you enter ‘this adventure,’ consider that while you experience your life in a temporary solid form you that will not remember that the successful journey outward begins by discovering your powers and abilities through the journey inward.  Your finite thought processes will guide you to focus your efforts on the constantly changing physical forms your senses tell you are important.  They are not.  None of them are important.  Again, everything you experience is designed to enable you to create with your responses.  This is the only function of the illusions.  The gate is narrow that leads to creating from loving energy patterns and initially, very few of you will find it.”

     And so it was that God allowed infinite beings to transition into forms that were extremely limited in order for them to test their skills of creation.  The ultimate test of creation comes from only two choices: Do we believe what our senses tell us and choose accordingly?  Or, do we learn to trust God for the outcome of all things as we proceed through the mazes of an illusion-filled world?

     The former allows us to put our trust in forms that are always changing, e.g., wealth, popularity, physical attractiveness, power, notoriety and prestige.  The later understands that by creating through a constant, steady stream of loving energy patterns, making no judgments about any circumstance, is to create as God creates.  Thus, there can only be two outcomes by transitioning into our solid forms – growth or delay.

     The visionary teachers among us have lived from having discovered the vast array of information and potential found through their inward journey.  One of the mysterious elements within us is a fear of changing what we have clung to under the banner of religion.  Visionaries who brought change did so at the expense of their physical forms.   To name two, Socrates was sentenced to drink Hemlock and Jesus was sentenced to death by crucifixion.  Both understood the temporary nature of life, the infinite nature of the unknown components of our identity and the importance of the quality of spirit that motivates and guides each choice we make.  They knew a secret that humanity cannot tolerate – we are infinite beings who have the potential to reflect the qualities of God.  To many religious people, that notion is blasphemy.  Sadly, such a negative thought pattern is still in the minds of people today.  Even Jesus understood that we would one day create in the spirit that God creates. (John 10:34-38)