Life Is About You!

     Evangelical pastor, Rick Warren, of the Saddleback Church published a remarkably successful book entitled, The Purpose-Driven Life.  He begins his book with, “It’s not about you.”  This phrase has become very popular in recent times.  What does “It” modify?  As has been mentioned earlier in this course everything happening in your life is about you.

     Of course, this orientation toward life has nothing to do with selfishness or even self-interest.  One of the primary reasons Christianity exists today is that Jesus did not stay with the form in which Judaism was being passed on from one generation to next.  The faith of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had become very cumbersome.  A devout Jew had to define his faithfulness according to the fine print from rather strict interpretations of the Mosaic Law Code.

     Jesus decided that his decisions about life’s circumstances, his interpretations of Scripture, his orientation toward enemies, his understanding of God’s Will and his picking and choosing from among various values were about his relationship to life and to his understanding of God’s nature.  It is because he took a leap of faith, abandoning the form of his parent religion, that we have achieved insight into our own freedom of spirit.  Jesus changed how he thought.

     This session will be devoted to our potential? Are we still very primitive as a species?  Are we tracking well in terms of where our species will be fifty to one hundred thousand years from now?  Where is the individual in this gradual evolutionary process?  These are questions that could easily generate countless opinions to inquiring minds.

     To date we have been discussing guidance coming from a divine support system that surrounds us.  There is an almost magical aspect to the mystical side of life where spirit guides have helped us navigate through periods of uncertainty, helped us find what we have lost, placed valuable assets in our path like books, the right house, the perfect soul mate, pivotal teachers who appeared at precisely the right time and an entire host of unforeseen hunches, yearnings and promptings that have propelled our lives along the paths that brought us to the current moment.

     Suppose our definitions of how our lives have been fashioned thus far is nothing more than a pattern we have created to define to ourselves and others how the magic has materialized in our lives?  Further, suppose we are extremely powerful beings who are being aided and supported by our higher selves that constantly teach, guide and pulls the trigger on those “Aha!” moments that have the power to change all our definitions as well as the direction of our lives, e.g., Moses at the burning bush, Jesus at his baptism or Paul on the road to Damascus?

     It could be that we have a partial answer in our midst through what we call anomalies among our species.  For example: Daniel Tammet has been diagnosed as an autistic savant who can perform astounding mental feats.  He cannot tell his right from the left but he can multiply 377 times 795 while carrying on a conversation.  He can recite the value of pi to 22,514 decimal places.  Daniel can answer the most difficult mathematical problems in a matter of seconds through a process of visualization that is well beyond the parameters of human logic.

     Leslie Lemke, a blind savant, played Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1 after hearing it once.  Leslie never had a piano lesson in her life.  Kim Peek can read simultaneously two pages of material – one with each eye – and have perfect recall.  In fact, Peek can perfectly recall word for word 7,600 books that he has read.  Are we observing aspects of our future potential?

     What do these aberrations mean?  They may be a harbinger of things to come in the future of our species.   Knowledge from our higher self could be coming through, just like Jesus’ ability to read people, to heal those physically impaired, change the molecular structure of matter (water into wine) or by sheer will to materialize apparitions from the world of spirit. (Mt. of Transfiguration)  He taught that God was in him and he was in God, a truth about who we are?

     There may be no need to refer to any individual as divine because there is a distinct possibility that we all are.  It very well may be that the larger consciousness of the individual is the triggering mechanism for such abilities.

     The more we kindle our sense of wonder and awe of the unknown, the more we pry into the secrets of our destiny.  The Apostle Paul, “The wisdom I proclaim is God’s secret wisdom, which is hidden from human beings, but which God had already chosen for our glory even before the world was made.”? (I Corinthians 2:7)  Jesus called this level of consciousness, the Kingdom of God.  Carl Jung called this our super consciousness.

     We are taking baby steps and there will be plenty of times we trip and fall as infants do.  Yes, we sin and yes, there are times when we exhibit an enormous lack of good judgment.  Sin means to miss the mark, a time when we forsake what has substance for the shadow and a time when we become attracted to form instead of spirit.

     Our higher selves know the purpose for our entering our solid forms and seeks to help us operate within specific parameters in order to achieve the skills we came here to acquire, or to offer a corrective to how humankind thinks, or to create an array of new products, medications, or progressive thought patterns to address chronic themes in every culture that are destructive.

     When we experience persistent promptings or when there are cyclical life-issues that continue to surface in our lives, the chances are good that our higher selves are offering guidance that we are engaging in behaviors or attitudes that are making forms attractive, that we are creating patterns that are counter to how we were wired, or that we are creating imbalances between our body, mind and spirit.

     A sense of emptiness may be offering guidance to change how we think, to shift away from beliefs that do not serve our growth and to shed false identities and labels we have been taught.  For example, as long as the Jews consider themselves to be “God’s Chosen People,” they will be limiting the Creator as well as themselves.  We need to remember Jesus’ teaching, “Greater things than these will you do.”  The more we stretch and create from our loving energy patterns, the more our true identity and potential will become visible.  We are on our way!