The International Forum for Spiritual Studies

June 2021

"Forgiveness Is No Small Matter"

"Who Wants To Be Invisible?"

"Difference Between Believing And Knowing"

"Collecting Thoughts That Work"


July 2021      

      "Is Life A Pass/Fail Experience?"

      "The Greatest Historian In History"

      "Live In The Present Moment"

August 2021

       "A Different Understanding Of Jesus - Part 1 of 2"

      "How To Seek What Jesus Taught - Part 2 of 2"

      "Is God A Necessity?"

      "Every Stone Has A Story"

      "Who Is Feeding Our Spirits?"
  September 2021

         "Coping, An Endless Task"

October 2021

        "Human Fantasies Of Heaven"

        "What Is In A Title?"

        "The Myth Of Jesus' Second Coming"

        "Treasuring Your Aloneness"

         "Artificial Intellegence - Really!!!?"


 November 2021

        "Most Geniuses Remain Unrecognized"

       Preface to "The Future Of America?"

       "Always Practice Your Divinity"

      "The World's Best Advertiser"

      "Defining Self-love"