About Dick Stetlerís Spirituality Courses



     What follows are courses that were taught during the weeks of July and August.  People were interested in learning to paint outside the lines in their thinking with respect to developing deeper insights into the nature of God and humanity.  They wanted to know, for example, why the followers of Jesus contented themselves for thousands of years to have their faith shaped by words written during very primitive times by men who were creatures of their culture. 


     These courses were not created to be a substitute for our faith.  They help students to focus on the inward journey that not only explores human potential but offers guidance that our spiritual evolution is part of God's design. 




     Historically, the followers of Jesus were never at a loss for finding issues to debate.  For example, when science tells us that what we are looking at in this picture are life forms that existed over a hundred million years ago, it should give us pause for reflection.  Could human life have evolved from such creatures?  The debate rages even today appearing to pit science against religion -- the evolutionists verses the creationists.  If Jesus was listening to the debate by faithful representatives of both points of view, he might ask, "What difference does it make how you got here?  Would knowing the method God used for your presence on the earth contribute to your ability to make the world a more loving and wholesome place for men and women to live?  As each side pursues its need to be right, the vision will be lost of the person God created you to be."