Dicks' Journey...

     In spite of what any life has experienced or accomplished, the temptation often comes to look in the rear view mirror and feel a sense of contentment for a “job well done.”  Life, however, is not about “doing”.  Life is about “being”.  Life is about sowing seeds of inspiration and love until our bodily energies cease to serve us and we can’t anymore.


     When a person tells someone where he or she has been and some of the good things they have accomplished, others may develop definitions of them that are far from accurate.  If we live in the present as much as possible and do so with a spirit filled with gratitude for every moment that brought us to where we are, our lives become poised for embracing the next stages of living.  We must remember that we are beings whose goal is spiritual evolution.  This is why we are here.  To pursue anything less is to communicate something we are not.

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