Be guided by what you cannot see

Welcome to "Dick Stetler on Spirituality"

Dick Stetler     If you are looking for alternatives that are different from what is typically offered by some of our world’s great religions, this web site will challenge what you may be currently thinking.  Readers will find more than 15 years of sermons that may be unlike many that you have heard or read.  Interested individuals will also find a number of courses on spirituality that will challenge many traditional beliefs and strategies for living. 

     The word spirituality summons to the mind of many religious thinkers New Age or a concept that is related to the occult.  Spirituality goes way beyond such narrow definitions.  In truth, all people are governed by a spirit they cannot observe with their senses.   Just because an aspect of life goes unrecognized does not mean its influences will remain dormant.  What we cannot see creates powerful persuasive urges that will reveal the spirit by which each of us lives.  What causes some people to see a mountain in front of them and immediately translate that experience into, “Why am I being victimized again?”   Yet, other people will rub their hands with enthusiasm as they exclaim, “I love challenges. This climb should be fun and who knows what skills I may develop along the way.” 

     The answer to what separates us has to do with the invisible commander within us.  This commander has been programmed by us each time we brought a response to the various circumstances during our lives.  When we consistently return to the same response over and over again, it becomes so automatic that it bonds itself to the quality of character we project to the world. 

     It has been said hundreds of times before by countless others, “We create our own reality.”  Understanding spirituality helps us to manage our irrational fears and enables us to perceive opportunities for growing our assets of personality, mind and spirit, thus equipping us to turn every person and circumstance into our personal trainers. 

     One may not find many answers to life on this web site.  My hope is to push readers to think how valuable an asset they really are–one-of-a-kind diamonds that are begging to be polished.  Yes, abrasives hurt; but remember, they are also polishing agents that may make you shine when you understand their purpose.   Enjoy.




  "God said, 'Let there be light' and there was light."   


Northern Lights