Dick’s Quotable Quotes




 We heard Dick Say it... Quotes submitted from listeners of his sermons and spirituality courses:

·        Learn to give away who you are.

·        We are guided by what we cannot see. 

·        Learn to get in touch with the source of that guidance.  It governs every response.  Left untrained we doom ourselves.  We are all angels in the flesh.

·        We create consequences – not God.

·        We must always work on polishing our own stone.

·        We can change the direction of our lives in a single moment.

·        Harness and refine our skills of spirit.  We will not know we have them until we use them again and again.

·        Why wait to sing?

·        BELIEF is not necessary for eternity to exist for all of us.

·        An invisible force guides us.  Look back over life and see if this is not so.

·        We do not have to be slaves to responses we were taught as children.

·        Our response to our personal Drama often clouds our spirits we have the potential to radiate.

·        Bring God consciousness into every experience – not emotion.

·        Always have attitudes that glow in the dark.

·        When we perform every task to the best of our ability, filled with gratitude that we are doing it in the spirit of serving others, no task is drudgery and no task is unimportant.

·        Express gratitude in prayers for all experiences.  Prayers do not need to remind God of our personal wants and desires.

·        Trust that your life is unfolding as it should.

·        We don’t know what’s ahead but we can proceed knowing we are well equipped for whatever comes. 

·        There are no rules or formulas for talking to God.

·        Row, row, row your boat, GENTLY down the stream; merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, LIFE IS BUT A DREAM.

·        The quality of our spiritual lives has to do with allowing what we know and believe to carry us through every circumstance of life with a degree of peace.

·        Jesus never gave MEANING to his death and there is no theory that accurately supports the meaning that others have given to it.

·        We are perfectly suited for what we came here to do.

·        Be authentic.  There is never any need to be so ashamed of who we are that we have to wear masks.

·        Just show up and be who you are in all circumstances.

·        Heaven is a quality of consciousness – not a place where we go after we leave our solid forms.

·        Perceive all things with loving energy patterns.

·        We cannot send God’s love away; God loves us just the way we are in spite of what we believe.

·        Trade “why me” into gratitude for the opportunity to glow where we are.

·        Inadequacies come from perceptions we create.  Actual missteps become stepping stones across life’s river filled with many cross-currents.

·        Nothing can prevent the will of God from happening so stop worrying about your personal salvation.

·       We can only experience the spirit of happiness by having it within ourselves.  It cannot be found by bonding ourselves to something in the external world.  Love unconditionally, without counting the cost.

·        Learn to trust God even when faced with circumstances, the meaning of which you do not understand.

·        Learn to be humble.

·        Who can add even one more hour to their life by worrying?

·        Enjoy the moment -- you will have many more where “this too shall pass.”  Learn never to take yourself so seriously that you cannot see the humor in your missteps. 

·        Steep yourselves in God’s reality, because that is all there is.  The rest that we do not understand is all our perception.

·        Lesson of the Cross – Jesus radiated love to the ones who drove nails into his hands and feet.  His death was about demonstrating love in all circumstances.

·        Choose to be part of God’s energetic pattern of creativity.

·        Don’t be preoccupied with yourself.  God and the universe are much bigger than anything we could possibly comprehend.

·        Life is a series of adjustments.  So why not make them, rather than whine when our world is not the way we wanted it?

·        Jesus’ greatest lesson – he came to show us what love and forgiveness look like, an act that had nothing to do with dying for our sins.

·        Make the lives of others lighter by being a support and not a critic.

·        We are the ones who choose growth or delay in our spiritual development.  We can blame no one else for where we are. 

·        The kingdom of God is inside of us.  It will not be found in some piece of spiritual real estate that rewards us for being faithful.  The Kingdom is here, now.

·        God gave us tools “to navigate in all unknown waters.”  All we have to do is access and use them.

·        Be a light in darkness.

·        God works through people.  What can God do through you?

·        God said “I will go with you”, so remain confident in God’s presence.  Fear only communicates that you have been abandoned.  THAT can never happen.

·        Where we are is where we need to be.  The acknowledgement that anything else is happening is fear talking.

·        Life is about course corrections, not getting it right all the time.

·        Happiness must come from within.  Never assign your happiness as a responsibility of your friends or worse, your spouse.

·        We can only change ourselves.  Never try to fix anyone.  Even Jesus failed to fix Judas and to prevent Peter from carrying a sword into the garden.

·        When you feel badly, check the direction of your energy flow – you will heal quicker by having your energy flowing AWAY from you.  Engage in doing something for someone -- give away love, kindness, compassion.  Bake a cherry pie and take it to a friend.  Reverse your energy flow. 

·        We need to catch ourselves when we allow someone else to dictate our moods, emotions and attitudes.  Why give others control over our responses?  Jesus taught us how to let go as we glow in the dark.  Practice that for a week and it may become a habit.