What Is Spirituality?



     Put quite simply, spirituality is the study of the human spirit.  The human spirit is an invisible quality of life that governs the development of a person’s decision-making, moods, attitudes and value systems. 


     Each life form on the earth has within its seed or eggs all the necessary ingredients to produce what it is.  A dandelion seed, for example, can be planted under six inches of asphalt.  It has no idea where the sun is.  It has no concept of what represents a barrier.  It sprouts and stretches toward the rays of the sun.


     People all have the same common quality to their lives.  Everything they need to produce a successful one-of-a-kind individual is within them.  God cannot give anyone more patience, wisdom, compassion or enthusiasm.  If a person were to pray for such qualities, God would most assuredly answer, “I have given you everything that you are requesting long before you were born.  You are the one who has to access those abilities and perfect them into skills of spirit through their constant use.  I cannot make an orange or a lemon any more than what it is.”


     One of the qualities of life that differentiate our species from all others is that we become attracted to the material world.  Rather than look within the treasure trove of talents inside of us, we look to the world and want what we find there.  This can lead to people who climb the ladder of success only to discover that their ladder is leaning against the wrong wall.


     We are hardwired with specific skills that will remain dormant until we access and use them.  Some people study Spanish for years and cannot learn it.  Others develop the skills and learn six languages with little effort.  Some people have a natural zeal for numbers and they become our accountants, spread-sheet specialists and budget managers who help companies live within their means.  Some people enjoy the helping professions and become physicians, nurses, attorneys, social workers, police officers, firefighters and teachers. 


     Just what creates a Warren Buffet, a Bill Gates, an Oprah Winfrey, a Walt Disney, a Milton Hershey, a Margaret Whitman, a George Washington Carver, an Ann Cox Chambers or a Martin Luther King, Jr.?  Did someone hand them successful choices, or did they follow their passions and, like the dandelion seed, sprout through countless barriers? 


     The study of spirituality concerns itself with training the mind, emotions and spirit to function in alignment so that they can become like a powerful turbine during acts of creation.  We are all creators.  The timeless wisdom of the scriptures is true:  “Those that sow sparingly will reap sparingly.  Those that sow bountifully will reap bountifully.”  Spirituality studies what we are sowing.  There is no secret to successful living once we discover why we are here.  Understanding our purpose helps us discern that everything in the material world has a design to it that promotes the skills of spirit we came here to grow.  THEN we can create as we experience our loving energy patterns flowing away from us.








Just as crystals form from the inside out, so do individuals.